Master’s in Engineering Management Rankings

A master’s in engineering management (MEM) is a great path to further your education if you want to grow into a managerial role. MEM programs often will further the technical engineering knowledge and introduce management skills which students will need for career advancement, provide opportunities to explore diverse career paths, international engineering projects, all the while increasing the probability of earning more over the course of their engineering management career.

This article will provide you guidance on how to approach evaluating the best master's in engineering management degree programs for you.

Discovering Top Rated Master’s In Engineering Management Programs

Most students might think an MBA is the only path to pursuing a career in engineering management. However, a master's in engineering management can provide a similar path, especially for those wishing to manage engineering teams. When reviewing a variety of “rankings” publishers, we’ve identified the following list as the consistently referred to top-rated engineering management programs.

These MEM programs have certain factors in common, including accreditation from recognized engineering and technology bodies and diverse curriculum, specializations, or tracks to choose from. An engineering management master’s degree from one of these universities allows you to take advantage of emerging fields. For instance, there could be additional value to pursue an MEM if you’ve obtained a degree or certificate in artificial intelligence.

Exploring Affordable Master’s in Engineering Management Programs

While grants, scholarships, federal aid, and employer tuition reimbursement may be available to students looking for MEM programs, chances are you’ll be out of pocket for some percentage of your tuition and therefore you may want to consider more affordable master’s in engineering management programs. To help narrow your search, here are a few of the cheaper accredited MEM programs in terms of published tuition.

  • Arkansas State University offers an accelerated MEM program you can complete online within a year. The program requires 30 semester credit hours for you to graduate. The total tuition cost for the program is $9,510. Arkansas State University is part of the state’s university system and has a population of close to 14,400 students. The MEM program coursework covers topics including:

    • Quality control and improvement

    • Project management

    • Budgeting for engineering

    • Engineering statistics

    • Facilities management

    • Advanced engineering economy

    • Engineering management capstone

  • The University of New Orleans, a research university with about 8,000 students, offers one of the most affordable MEM programs through its MS in Engineering Management (online). The program requires 30 credit hours to complete and offers students payment plans.

  • Another affordable program you could consider is the MS in Engineering and Technology Management offered at the Louisiana Tech University College of Engineering and Science. The program requires 33 credit hours.

  • The University of South Florida also offers an affordable engineering management master’s program. The USF MSEM online degree program immerses students in a multidisciplinary curriculum covering areas such as entrepreneurship, engineering and business analytics, technical management, and engineering.

  • The University of Purdue’s affordable dual MSE/MS +MBA degree that allows students to advance their engineering knowledge and develop business and management skills that will help them pursue careers in engineering management and related fields. The dual degree program covers areas such as project management, financial management, and strategic management.

The demand for engineering managers is steadily growing based on industry statistics. Pursuing an MEM degree can help ensure you are on the first track to a career with a positive career outlook, and with some of these affordable programs, you can now more easily further your education.

Online MEM master’s programs are affordable, but you can save on your tuition by exploring other alternatives such as:

  • Employer reimbursement where the employer refunds the tuition money you spent to advance your knowledge and skill. In this case, the employer will expect you to complete the program and work in the company for a given period.

  • Private grants and scholarships.

Focusing on Accelerated Master’s in Engineering Management Program

An engineering management degree can raise your salary potential, and if you find an accelerated MEM program, you can enjoy these salary benefits sooner. When looking for an accelerated engineering management program, you must consider the scheduling and financing of that program and weigh the pros and cons of the program before choosing one that fits your needs.

One advantage of accelerated MEM programs is they cost less than traditional programs as they take less lab time. However, you will probably be working on a full schedule, as you have to study the same coursework and material for the program in a shorter time.

Most accelerated MEM programs have little to no financing, but they offer flexibility for full-time workers or learners who still want to have time for other engagements. Some of the best accelerated master’s degree in engineering management programs include:

Stevens University’s 100% online Master of Engineering in Engineering Management can be completed in as few as 18 months or 30 credits spread out over 10 courses. Students with 3+ years of working experience may be eligible for a GRE/GMAT waiver. The estimated cost of attendance is $51,480.

Vanderbilt University offers a 12-month accelerated online Master of Engineering Management (M.Eng.) which features live, weekly courses and doesn’t require the GRE or GMAT for admission. The estimated cost of attendance is $64,500.

The University of Louisville offers their masters of engineering in engineering management in accelerated 8-week terms which requires 30 semester credit hours to graduate and costs $737 per credit hour. The coursework covers topics including:

  • Operations management

  • Engineering statistics

  • Engineering financial management

  • Information technology management

  • Quality management

  • Project management

  • Human resource management

  • Engineering management

  • Safety management

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley offers an accelerated Master’s in Engineering Management program which you can access 100% online in 12-months with the completion of 36 credit hours. Scholarships and aid is available. Courses covered in the program include:

  • Engineering project management

  • Engineering management

  • Quality management

  • Industrial cost analysis

Salem University offers an ACBSP-accredited engineering management MBA program that you can complete in 12-months and requires 36 credit hours. Some of the topics you will cover in their MEM program include:

  • Logistics research

  • Quality and risk management

  • Foundations of operations

  • Engineering management

  • Supply chain management

  • Project management budgeting

Evaluating a Masters in Engineering Management Program by Return on Investment

A master's degree in engineering management is a way to advance your managerial and technical skills while elevating yourself as a desirable candidate for an engineering management position. Because of this MEM programs can have a significant influence on your job prospects upon graduation.

Unless you have an arrangement with your employer to pursue a master’s degree in engineering management with tuition reimbursement, it is likely at the top of your mind to identify those MEM programs which have the highest return on investment (as measured by high employment rate post-graduation, high starting salary post-graduation, or lowest time required to pay back on the program tuition). Certain questions to consider when looking for an engineering management master’s program includes:

  • What path do you want to take after you complete your master’s degree in engineering management? Make sure to check (and inquire) about the program’s job placement rates and other employment data such as starting salary, employers hiring, and positions secured.

  • What career services are offered specifically for MEM students? Do employers regularly recruit MEM graduates?

  • What non-career services and support are offered to engineering management students during and after the program?

  • Is the program’s alumni network active in the location you plan to live upon graduation? Are there any alumni working in the fields, industries, or specialization areas you plan to seek employment in?

We’ve identified several highly ranked master’s in engineering management programs:

In general, accreditation is a significant factor you should strongly consider when evaluating master’s in engineering management programs. An accreditation from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology ascertains that the program meets or exceeds industry standards. These standards are usually strict, and universities have to renew their accreditation every few years. Choosing an accredited program allows you to obtain high-quality education and skills that contribute to improving your employability.

How to Choose a Top Ranked Master’s in Engineering Management Program?

Selecting the best master’s in engineering management program will depend on the career path you intend to take, your employment history, academic background, skills as well as your current lifestyle. However, some of the factors that could point to the right engineering management master’s degree program for you may include accreditation, reputation, affordability, student support, and program flexibility.